Graphic Design & Art Direction

Hi! I'm Sammy

I love solving problems with visual solutions.

I believe that design is not just how something looks and feels but how it works.

I have always been a creator. From a young age, I would write plays, make art pieces out of the leaves, sticks, and flowers in the yard, and would be playing make-believe in the woods behind my house.


With a background in communication strategy, I create with intention. I design to tell the story of the brands I work with. I use research, empathy, and symbolism in my minimalistic style to tell my client's stories.


When I am not designing, I am enjoying time with my family and friends, adventuring the wonderful world around, baking, cuddling my two furry friends, and looking for more plants to accidentally kill.


These are a few of my favorite things:


Favorite food: Tacos


Favorite place: June Lake, California


Inspired by: Paul Rand


Tea or coffee: Iced coffee all the way!


Hobbies: Hiking, baking, creating