Be Well at Black Barn Farm



Be Well at Black Barn Farm is a therapy group located in Massachusetts that uses their 10-acre farm to help people work on addressing overwhelming feelings of anxiety and depression while learning new and creative coping skills.



Make a memorable logo and identity for the therapy group that can be used across the digital, physical, and print spaces. The client asked for the logo to include a sunset sky, a black barn, fields with animals while staying minimalistic and being scalable.



The goal was that the logo contains the barn which is a physical landmark of the property which will enforce the brand's ability to be recognized.


The logo is a circle that can easily be used as an icon that scales nicely for both print and web uses. The symbolism of the design is based on the idea of concentric circles representing the idea of wholeness and healing that comes from therapy. 


The barn is black like the actual barn enhancing brand recognition. The client asked for the fence to be apart of the fields as it is apart of the property, but we decided for a cleaner minimalistic look, to leave out the animals. It would be too busy and unscalable with anything else in the logo.