Bright Clean

brilli mini pendant.jpg

From E-commerce to sales decks, I have created room scenes featuring the companies lighting products to make sales. Working across multiple products such as pendants, ceiling fixtures, table and floor lamps, I work on finding rooms that highlight the style of the fixture and then take the render or product photography to create realistic rooms.


I worked to create this set of Brilli Bright Clean icons to match the style of our previous icons used for other product lines. I illustrated the icons and expanded on the past art direction.


Violets and purples were the chosen color for Brilli's Bright Clean line. Brilli already had pre-established pop and bright color ways that defined the circadian line of products, so it was our goal to establish a color for the Bright Clean Antimicrobial line of products. 


Research and propose a color line that falls in line with Brilli's brand of innovation, positivity, confidence, and energy.


After considering different shades of green and blues, violet told the story we were looking for. Violet represents, power, ambition, peace, harmony, innovation, lofty goals. It aligned with the brands value of innovation, playfulness and ambition. As the product uses purple LEDs to clean, it also referencing the actual technology at play as well.